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iMBA Healthcare Information Technology

Introduction to Healthcare Information Technology: In any profession technology is needed to drive down costs and foster better relationships

New strides in government regulation and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, mandate electronic connectivity, transmission, storage/retrieval and confidentiality of all medical information. The goal of HIPAA is to reduce the administrative costs of healthcare, through the standardization of electronic transactions into a single format, instead of the more than 400 disparate platforms in use today.

For purposes of the Act, the definition of a covered entity includes three classifications:

  • Medical Providers, Pharmacies, Hospitals, ASCs, and Home Healthcare Agencies.
  • Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Companies, HMOs, MCOs and other health plans, and
  • Vendors, ISPs and all companies facilitating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

MBA Healthcare Information Technology
Covered entities not in compliance may incur stiff penalties. We understand the onerous impact of governmental regulations and can guide you through the confusion with the following on-site, or remote services:
  • HIPAA Compliance with Public Key Infra-Structure (PKI) and Security
  • Office, Clinic, and Hospital Based Medical Enterprise Resource Planning
  • EMR, Healthcare Application Service Providers (ASPs) and Software Solutions
  • Medical Speech Recognition System Analysis and Implementation
  • Healthcare LANS, WANS, Voice over IP Networks, and ATM File Servers
‘Patients now demand efficient and roluex-like personal communication with their healthcare providers.’
Moreover, be aware that according to the Microsoft Corporation:

  • More than 20,000 health related Internet sites have been formed in recent years
  • 54 percent of all Internet users regularly use the net for health related information
  • 4 million patients have made at least one on-line e-health purchase, and
  • 25 percent of adults visiting disease specific web-sites ask their physicians for advertised products

Patients now demand efficient and roluex-like personal communication with their healthcare providers. All healthcare players (provider, pharmaceutical and payor) must creatively and aggressively deploy digital technology to drive down costs and foster better relationships. Non-communicative practitioners, groups and hospitals will cease to function. We can help with:

  • Patient-Based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-mail Solutions
  • Telemedicine, Real-time Video Conferencing and PDA Wireless Connectivity
  • Streamlined Client Enrollment, Provider Management and Efficient Data IT Systems
  • Medical Materials Management and Supply-Chain Improvement
  • Website Design, Development, Security and Maintenance
  • Customized e-Healthcare Initiatives, Business and Best-Practices Information
Fortunately, our healthcare informatics experts offer "leading edge", not "bleeding edge", solutions to all your HIPPA and related MIS needs. And, by partnering with our corporate alliance strategists, you will maintain the competitive edge for all your communication functions.

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