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What is the Medical Business Advisors Network©?
What are the goals of the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc?
What does the MBA Network© accomplish?
To whom is the first duty of the MBA Network© of affiliated advisors?
How do I know if my current financial or business advisor possesses the same high level of fiduciary responsibility as MBA Trust© advisors?

What is the Medical Business Advisors Network©?

MBA is a physician-centric electronic portal (healthcare consulting marketplace) where doctors and financial advisors or practice enhancement specialists, meet, learn, communicate and make informed economic decisions together.

What are the goals of the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc?

Our goals are to help support financial advisors and medical professionals survive and flourish as profitable personal and business entities. Unfortunately, managed care and financial industry consolidation has taken its toll on these professions. We will help reverse this trend by empowering financial advisors and physicians through our comprehensive on-line classes, educational products, textbooks, seminars and other state-of-the-art templates and tools.

What does the MBA Network© accomplish?

Using a proprietary system, we match your personal economic and practice needs to our database of pre-screened unbiased professionals. We'll then refer you to the medically specific financial advisor or practice enhancement specialist, who can help you the most.

To whom is the first duty of the MBA Network© of affiliated advisors?

Our prime duty and responsibility is to our medical colleagues and clients. This is a natural consequence of being founded by doctors, managed by doctors, and serving doctors. Our second duty is to our financial colleagues and affiliated business advisors. This is a natural consequence of our dual degreed executive management team. It also promotes impartiality and a lack of bias.

Is it true that doctors make difficult clients when it comes to practice management, financial planning or investment issues?

This opinion is unfortunately correct in many instances. It is more common with firms willing to take on any doctor client, and use any type of "consultant". However, we have not found it to be the case with affiliated MBA Trust© advisors. Perhaps it is because we carefully pre-screen both advisors and doctors prior to any engagement? We want a successful match, as we seek to bring together the right advisors for each particular doctor's unique set of circumstances. This is the only way complex problems are solved, and optimal solutions obtained.

Can you give an example of an unfortunate medical practice management mismatch?

As the managed care crisis exacerbates, there are far too many examples of irrational practice management behavior on the part of physicians. And, it seems that no specialty is immune. For example, just reflect a moment on colleagues willing to securitize their medical practices a few years ago, and cash out to Wall Street for perceived riches that were not rightly deserved. Where are firms such as MedPartners, Phycor, FPA and Coastal now? A recent survey of the Cain Brothers Physician Practice Management Corporation Index of publicly traded PPMCs revealed a market capital loss of more than 95%, since inception.

Can you give an example of an unfortunate financial planning or investing mismatch?

Recall the more recent tale of Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, a pediatrician from New York who put more than $500,000 into the dot.com company, InfoSpace, upon the advice of Merrill Lynch's star analyst Henry Bloget. Is it any wonder that when the company crashed, the analyst was sued, and Merrill settled out of court? Other analysts, such as Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter and Jack Grubman from Salomon Smith Barney, are involved in similar fiascos. Although sad, this story is a matter of public record. Hopefully, doctors now understand that the big brokerage houses that underwrite and recommend stocks may have credibility problems, and that physicians got burned with the adrenalin rush of "self-directed" portfolios

What is the answer to these conflicts of interest?

No one knows for sure since human nature is involved. But, we do know that the economic cycle will never be repealed, and you must beware the four most dangerous words on Wall Street; "this time its different". We do believe the answer may lie with the iMBA Certified Medical Planner© designation, iMBA Certificate of Completion© diploma, and the iMBA National Network© of physician-centric independent advisors. These affiliates, not only possess subject matter knowledge, but have years of experience in the healthcare advisory space. A good rule of thumb is to pursue fundamentals over fads, and always remember, caveat emptor.

Where are MBA textbooks, CD-ROMs and other website tools referenced or mentioned in the financial, medical and professional business literature?

The iMBA first mover advantage into the healthcare financial consulting niche has been referenced in such publications as: Medical Interface, Plastic Surgery Products, Managed Care Executives, Orthodontic Products, Podiatry Management, TIPS on Managed Care, Chiropractic Products, Podiatry Today, Surgical Products, Plastic Surgery Review, Investment Advisor Magazine, CFP™ Biz (Journal of Financial Planning), Managed Care Contract & Reimbursement Advisor, Healthcare Management Advisors, Medical Specialty Books, Financial Council, Journal of Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Research Magazine, JAMA-assn.com, AMA.ama-assn.org, Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Healthcare Informatics, American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE), American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), MomMD.com, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIU), Ann Mao, MD (Creighton University), Healthcare Management Associates, e-Medicine.com, Library of Congress, Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health and the Bloomberg Wealth Manager, among many other high profile and credible media outlets.

What other educational resources does iMBA provide?

iMBA Inc provides high quality on-line information, and on-site educational platforms, to financial advisors who represent medical providers, healthcare executives, hospitals and medical institutions. Our professional-level publications offer Forewords written by industry luminaries like: Anthony Silva, MD, MBA from the Emory University Goizueta School of Business; or Frank Cappiello MBA, of Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser TV fame; or Ahmad Hashem, MD PhD of Microsoft’s Healthcare Industry Solutions Group; or Lloyd M. Krieger, MD, MBA of UCLA and Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery; or Richard D. Helppie, CEO and Founder of the Superior Consultant Company (SUPC-NASD); or Robert James Cimasi, CMP©, ASA, AVA, CBA, FCBI Chairman of Health Capital Consultants, LLC; or Edwin P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CFP© often considered a “father of the financial planning profession.” And, our Certified Medical Planner© professional designation program is rapidly becoming a leading imprimatur in the healthcare industry. iMBA also maintains lively inter-professional debate with discussion forums, opinion surveys and referral services. In brief, we educate and support consultants who advise physicians and healthcare clients, about the financial, business, managerial and economic matters vital to their success.

How do I know if my current financial or business advisor possesses the same high level of fiduciary responsibility as MBA Trust© advisors?

Our consultants take pride in their fiduciary responsibility. To determine if your current consultants are working for you in the same manner, just ask to see the documents below:

  • Form ADV Parts I and II
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • HIPAA compliance certificate with security verification
  • CIS technology certification
  • RIA or Series # 65 investment advisory license
  • CFP™ license number

MBA Trust© independent advisors possess these documents, licenses and certifications, as required. Stockbrokers, salesmen, intermediaries, insurance agents or other "consultants", do not.

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