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Financial Planning for Physicians and Advisors
(Foreword: Frank Cappiello)

The Business of Medical Practice, 2nd edition (Foreword: Microsoft)

Risk Management for Physicians and Advisors (Foreword: Lloyd Krieger, MD, MBA, of UCLA)

Institutional Guides Healthcare Organizations:
Financial Management
(Foreword: David B. Nash, MD MBA, Jefferson Medical College)

THE Health Dictionary Series© (MBA Lexicon Query Service)


Physicians Beware ... the Medical Management Consultants?
Are you a doctor desperate for practice enhancement solutions, but don't know where to turn for help? Or, maybe you've already had a bad experience with a non-fiduciary business consultant, or management guru, more interested in his bottom line than your success? Read this Federal Government report to learn what can happen when your advisor is not an informed Certified Medical Planner© designated medical management practitioner. Full Article

Financial Advisors ... Wither On-line Advice for Physicians?
MBA was created in response to the frustration felt by doctors in small and mid-sized practices that dealt with top financial, brokerage and accounting firms. These non-fiduciary behemoths often prescribed costly wholesale solutions that were applicable to all, but customized to few, despite ever changing needs. Learn why brokerage sales-pitches or Internet resources, will never replace the knowledge and deep advice of a collegial Certified Medical Plannerę financial professional. Full Article

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